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The Joy Effect

Therapy for Anxious Perfectionists

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are you stuck in your own head?

The world thinks you have your sh*t together.

The truth is you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and irritable, but you keep putting on that “I’ve got this under control” smile.

After all, if you take a day off, it’ll just mean more crap you have to worry about the next day. It feels easier to just keep pushing through.

At night, you try to fall asleep, but your mind won’t stop racing about all the what-ifs and to-dos.



Actual % of Max Capacity You Feel Like You've Reached

You’re here because you’re worried that you can’t keep this up much longer, but you’re scared if you slip up or rest, everyone will find out what your life is really like, and you’ll feel ashamed.

Therapy can help you feel less anxious about all the what-ifs and more connected, present, and able to actually enjoy the successful life you’ve worked so hard to create.

Take a look around.  See which counselor is the right fit for you. Find the answers to questions about services and approaches. Then, when you’re ready, schedule your free phone consultation.


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If you’ve never reached out for help before, it can feel intimidating. Read about what to expect and what you can do to get started on the right foot.

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If you want to work with one of our therapists, but coming into the office isn’t do-able for you, consider online counseling sessions. We are licensed to provide online therapy for all of Texas.

People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in the U.S.

% of People with Anxiety Who Seek Treatment in the U.S.

Women for Every Man Reporting Symptoms of Anxiety in the U.S.

the joy effect.

because if momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy

Mind-Body Techniques

What’s in the brain is in the body.  Have you ever noticed the way stress can show up as shoulder tension? We carry stress, anxiety, and even trauma in our bodies. Mind-body therapy techniques sound woo-woo, but they’re legit. Brainspotting (BSP) is one example of a mind-body therapy approach.

Extra Services Included at No Additional Cost

Therapy is an investment. We include multiple services at no additional cost to you.