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adult adhd

feeling like you finally have your sh*z together

what does adhd feel like?

You WANT to feel like you have your shiz together.

So much so that you’ve tried all the organization pins off pinterest and notebooks and calendars and dry erase boards and everything else that people swear works.

But it doesn’t work for you.

Which is frustrating.

Now you’ve started feeling like you’re doomed to live life like a hot mess.

how an adhd mind works

Most thoughts don’t stay too long, because another, louder thought runs through your mind, and you’re off track again.

Sometimes it feels like anxiety.

Other times it feels like you’re just distracted.

Most of the time, it just feels like your mind is a train station with trains zooming at different speeds going in different directions.

Which damn train am I supposed to follow?!??

how can counseling help adhd?

What would life be like for you if you felt able to better manage the train station chaos?

Imagine waking up confidently knowing you DID sign that permission slip, return that call, and order the dog’s heartworm prevention.

Tools for self-regulation and staying present in the moment can help you reduce the symptoms and get your train back on track.

Brainspotting is another therapeutic technique that has been shown to be effective in symptom reduction for ADHD (aka, less of that ADHD feeling).


do i have to take medication for my adhd?

Some people find that therapy is enough to manage ADHD symptoms without using medication.

Others find that combining therapy and ADHD medication is the perfect recipe for success.  

Your therapist will be open to whichever route you choose to take. 

At The Joy Effect, we will also coordinate with your prescribing doctor…because, whole wellness.

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