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Three Steps to Organized Fertility Treatments

Three Steps to Organized Fertility Treatments

fertility treatments are so time sensitive

What to do to manage the stress of such a strict schedule

Fertility treatments are often time-sensitive and grow increasingly frequent as you reach certain points in your treatment cycle.

You already have waves of emotional overload and self-criticism (maybe even added tension with your partner) sloshing around in your head, and now the doctor expects you to be able to keep all of these needles and mixing meds straight?!?

You’re not sure if it’s the hormones or the fears, but you are having more and more of a hard time holding it all together

Why am I so overwhelmed? I’m usually so organized.

You pride yourself in being put-together and organized, so this out-of-control feeling is really uncomfortable.

Plus, so much of your energy is going toward just holding it together long enough to get through the next work meeting without feeling like you’re about to lose your sh*t.

The last thing you need taking up space in your brain is a long list of to-dos, meds, appointments, and a laundry list of questions

Print this inforgraphic for tips

Download and print out these three easy steps to help you stay organized with fertility treatment so you can feel free to focus on the hope and joy that comes with growing your family

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11 Ways to Say No Without Sounding Mean

11 Ways to Say No Without Sounding Mean

why is saying no so hard?

Some days it takes all the confidence and energy you can muster just to tell someone “no.” 
Maybe you feel guilty becuase you don’t have a legit excuse, so technically you could do whatever they’re asking of you.
Or maybe you don’t want to make the other person feel bad or alone.
So, what happens?
You end up agreeing to more than you have the time, energy, or desire to accomplish. 
And that means you have no time, energy, or desire left to do the things you actually did want or need to do for yourself.

what happens when you say yes out of guilt?

When it’s time to actually follow through on whatever you’ve “yessed” your way into, the anxiety starts to build
Ugh, I don’t want to do this.
I’d so much rather be dealing with my own to-do list today.
This is going to make me rush to get to the next thing.

why don’t people listen to my “no”?

Even the times you do say no and try to have healthy boundaries, you still feel pressured to cave in and help out anyway.
You end up frustrated, maybe even saying yes when you know you really don’t mean it.
Basically, you just want to avoid the conflict.

11 ways to say no 

Dowload this free PDF to print and put somewhere you’ll see it.  
Practice using the phrases until they feel comfortable.
Then, try out your newfound superpower of healthy boundaries out in the real world.

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