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children’s therapy

you don’t know how to help your child anymore

does my child need therapy?

You’ve read all the books and blogs (he needs more attention! He needs less attention! GAAAAHHHH!).

Other parents complain about homework, and you’d be happy just to see your kid get out of the car in the morning carpool line without a breakdown.

(Okay, you’d also like to have less homework battles, if we’re being honest)

You’re starting to wonder if you need to have your child evaluated.  Is this ADHD? Autism? OCD? Anxiety?

In fact, it’s giving you anxiety just thinking about it!

am i a bad parent?

You feel guilty for wanting to sneak off to the bathroom and lock the door for just a minute.

Or for wishing this child were more like the other children.

It’s not that you like the other children more… they’re just… easier.

You want your child to feel happy, confident, loved.

To make friends at school and schedule play dates and sleepovers.

To please just do what you asked the first time.

how can counseling help my child?

What would your morning be like if your child got out of the car with a smile, and said, “see you after school”?

How will your days be different when the school isn’t calling all the time to report the daily drama?

What would it mean for your family if homework was not only done without reminders, arguments, or tears, but even turned in on time?

how does children’s counseling work?

Developomentally appropriate children’s counseling considers the age and abilities of your child. 

We use approaches such as Sandtray to help your child express his or her feelings in a healthy way

We focus on skills like self-awareness and self-regulation.

We also work closely with parents when appropriate in order to help you know what you can do at home to support your child’s growth.

find a children’s therapist

The following therapists at The Joy Effect currently work with children.  Click on each name to read more about the therapist to see if s/he feels like a good fit for your family.