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first time in counseling? not sure how to choose?

Here’s some helpful tips to get you started.  If you already feel comfortable, scroll down to read about each therapist. 

carolyn robistow, m.ed., lpc

Therapist & Founder of The Joy Effect

If you’re an overwhelmed and anxious people-pleasing perfectionist, you’re in the right place.

Finding yourself carrying the mental burden of running a household can feel like you never have a minute to relax (and you probably feel guilty when you DO try to relax).

Even when things go well, it’s hard to enjoy the moments, because you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Carolyn's Main Therapy Techniques
Carolyn's Session Rates

Initial Phone Consultation: Free

Weekly Sessions (50 min) $150

Biweekly Sessions (50 min) $165

Insurance: Out-of-Network Only (What does that mean?)

carla litzsey, m.S., lpc-Intern

If you find yourself lost in transition, existing but not living, all over the place – seeking clarity, direction, or purpose, and just feel like breaking while trying to hold it all together, then you’re in the right place. Allow me to journey with you as we work to un-complicate things.

Carla's Main Services



Life Transitions

Carla's Main Therapy Approaches

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Carla's Session Rates

Sessions are $120 for the initial intake and individual sessions are $110, I also offer a sliding scale for those who qualify.

erika bribiesca, m.S., lpc-Intern

You’ve realized that when you’re around others you feel completely alone or invisible. It feels exhausting to attend social gatherings because you have to be “on.” Perhaps you’ve always felt like you needed to change yourself in order to fit in or that it’s your responsibility to sacrifice your needs to make others happy. You prefer to suffer in silence, but your increasing sadness and hopelessness have become too overwhelming. You’re fearful that if this continues you may give up on trying to feel better.
I offer morning appointments that can assist you in starting your day early. My bicultural background also allows me to provide counseling services in English and Spanish. In our first session you can expect an empathic and supportive encounter. 

Erika's Main Services

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Erika's Main Therapy Approaches

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Erika's Session Rates

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