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no one gets how it’s on your mind 24/7

why is it so easy for other people to get pregnant?

It’s not that everything in life has always come easy for you… and infertility certainly isn’t the first thing that has been difficult in your life.

You know how to deal with an obstacle. And you’re not a jealous person.

But, this feels worse.

It’s like you’re not even yourself anymore

You have to put on the “I’m fine, this is fine, it’s all fine” mask every time someone announces a pregnancy or complains about how hard it is to be a mom.

why is infertility so hard?

Maybe it’s because with infertility, it’s the first time you don’t have a clear next step.

Or because there’s no obvious right answer.

You feel anxiety over second-guessing every little decision.

And even when you feel confident about the next step you’ve chosen, there’s only so much control you have in taking that step.

Top off a waterfall of emotional swings with:

  •  well-intentioned-but-never-helpful comments from family and friends….

  • doctor’s appointments that mean you have to be away from your regular routine…

  • not wanting too many people to know because then they judge and offer their own opinions and suggestions.

(Yes, thank you, I WILL try just relaxing and maybe stop trying so then it will magically happen *emoticon eye roll).

And of course, the added tension in your marriage and on your bank account aren’t doing your stress level any favors.

how can counseling help with infertility?

Infertility counseling is a place where you can share the ugly truth, the fears, and the tears of fertility treatments without having to wear your mask of “I’m fine.”

We can help you sort through all these roller coaster emotions and find a sense of yourself again.

Therapy for infertility can even help you stay connected with your partner and make sure you feel as confident as possible in the many decisions you make along the way.

Do I need counseling during my fertility treatments?

How would your days be different if you were able to silence unhelpful thoughts?

Imagine being able to hear about a friend’s pregnancy, attend a baby shower, or even hold a newborn.

What if you could speak your truth to friends and family, be honest about your emotional boundaries around all things baby-related?

What would it mean for you and your partner if you were able to regain the feeling of hopefulness you had when you first decided to grow your family?

No two families have the same fertility journey, and at The Joy Effect, we want you to have an experience authentic to your true self and your personal values.

find a therapist for infertility

Carolyn Robistow is the therapist currently offering therapy for infertility at The Joy Effect. Read more about Carolyn here to see if she’s the right therapist for you.