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obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

because you can’t just “not do the thing”

why can’t I just check it once?!?

You’re afraid that if people knew what was REALLY going on in your head, they’d think you were crazy.

You’re also afraid you’re crazy.

Part of you knows that the thing you need to do isn’t healthy, but the idea of not doing it makes you want to throw up or panic or crawl into a corner and cry.

When you don’t do the thing, you feel panicky

Seemingly simple things like leaving the house can take embarrassingly long because you have to make sure you leave the exact.right.way.every.time.

If you don’t, you either have to start over or you end up feeling anxious the entire time you’re gone, wondering what terrible thing will happen because you didn’t do the thing the right way.

You end up missing opportunities to connect with your spouse or your kids because you’re focused on all the things you need to triple-check (okay, quadruple check) to make sure nothing bad happens.

So, you do the thing. Multiple times. And you feel better.

Until you don’t.

And it starts over again.

can counseling help with OCD?

What if you could feel confident, relaxed and present even though you didn’t do the thing?

What would life look like if you easily brushed aside thoughts of doing the thing?

OCD is your inner system’s way of protecting you and the ones you love from the discomfort (more like extreme anxiety) caused by uncertainty.

Lucky for you, your inner system has an amzing capacity to change and heal.

Together, through techniques combining education, Brainspotting, and the natural ability of your brain to rewire in a more healthy pattern, we can alleviate symptoms of OCD.

That means confidently walking away from doing the thing.

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