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what is online counseling?

Online therapy sessions work just like an in-office counseling session.

You’re just not in the same room.

Your therapist will guide the session the same way s/he would if you were sitting on the office couch. 

Online counseling allows you to be where you need to be and still have access to quality therapy services.

how does online therapy work?

Online counseling sessions take place over secure video chat platforms (similar to skype or facetime). 

At The Joy Effect, we use the Simple Practice Telehealth platform.

Once you book your online session, the client portal will send you an email confirming your appointment. 

Prior to the first session, your therapist will send you a document that will tell you more about how to set up and what to expect.

10 minutes before your scheduled online therapy appointment, the portal will send you a link for your online location.

When you’re ready to start your session, click the link, and your therapist will join when available.  

At the end of the session, you both hang up.

can I use my laptop or phone for online therapy?

Yes, you can access the link for your online therapy appointment on your laptop, phone, or desktop.

The document your therapist emails you will give more information on how to download the Simple Practice app if you’re planning to use your smartphone for the video session.

As long as the technology you’re using has a good internet connection (see below), microphone, and camera, you should be good to go.

how do I get set up for online therapy sessions?

Things to consider when choosing a location to set up your online therapy session:

  • a room or space where you’ll have privacy and feel able to speak freely without distractions (NOT while driving)
  • an internet connection strong enough to stream Netflix without interruption (or, in tech terms, at least 10 mbps). You can check the internet speed in your location by clicking here:
  • consider headphones or earbuds for added privacy and to decrease the chances for audio feedback or echoes in the sound
  • a source of light in front of you, not behind you
  • if you’re using your smartphone, download the Telehealth by Simple Practice app prior to your scheduled online therapy appointment time to make sure it’s working well

You can download the full document here if you’d like to read it prior to scheduling an online appointment.

find a therapist who offers online counseling 

The following counselors at The Joy Effect offer online therapy.  Click on each counselor’s name to read more about that particular counselor.

Carolyn Robistow