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relationship issues

are you going crazy? or is something wrong here?

is something wrong with my relationship?

It’s like being alone when you’re in the same room.

Your partner is there, but you still feel so disconnected.

You’ve heard that relationships are supposed to take work, but this feels a little extreme.

It’s not like it’s abusive, or like your partner has some major red flag problem you can point to.

It just feels like something isn’t quite right about the relationship.

how do I know if I need relationship counseling?

It could be that you’re asking yourself:

“Why do I keep dating the exact same type of person (or maybe even the exact same person), even though I know it won’t work out?”

How does he NOT get how distant we have become?”

If he would only fix this ONE problem, we’d be so much happier.”

You’ve been thinking about it for awhile now.  You’ve even made suggestions that you go to counseling together.

But, he’s not on board. 

You hear things like, “stop being so dramatic,” or “don’t make such a big deal out of this.”

Or maybe you’re struggling after a breakup or divorce, and you want to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes in future relationships.

how does individual counseling help in a relationship?

What if you could start to regain emotional control when you get upset so you could calmly and clearly communicate with your partner?

What would it be like to say what you mean in a way more likely to be heard than dismissed?

How will your relationship look when you feel connected and able to bring up what’s on your mind?

What if you found yourself looking across the table with loving thoughts?

You’re thinking, sounds great, Carolyn, but he already said no to couples counseling

But that isn’t your only option.

Learning about your own communication, attachment styles, behavior patterns, and emotional triggers, and then taking action with what you’ve learned can change how you handle your relationship.

You can learn to find a sense of control, even in highly-emotional situations, so you no longer have to feel like something is wrong with you or like you’re overreacting.

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